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Today,We have finish our Brand Ambassador selection,Everyone of them is brilliant and active in society media.And they also willing to share their experience or insightful opinions regarding to Selens products.Thanks you and hope we can have more cooperation in future.

Thanks for everyone who applied this project.

Here is the List of our Brand Ambassador and they will get all of our new product!

Axel Rivera (United States)
Ben Bond Obiri Asamoah (Ghana)
Ben Connolly (Australia)
Calvin Lee (United States)
Claudio Jordá (Argentina)
Dom Navarra (United Kingdom)
Donald Falls (United States)
Kim Juhyeok (South Korea)
Linus Pettersson (Sweden)
Simon Diez-Tipa (United States)

Who name do not list above we also make a group for them and we call this group “Power User”,In this group we will sent e-mail Unscheduled about review products.And we will selection the active member upgrade to Brand Ambassador!

And we will sent a small gift for everyone who applied this project!

Have a nice day!

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