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16 Rib Deep Parabolic Softbox With Bowens Mount


This umbrella softbox is Hexadecagon,make light more uniform than octagon.
The opening Diameter is 90cm/120cm/150cm/190cm.
Quick and easy way to produce beatiful diffused light.
Designed for digital and film cameras.
Silver embossed linings that are highly reflective and heat resistant and create pleasing light sources.
Double layered inner diffusion panel is positioned in the middle to eliminate hot spot.
Use snap fastener to attach or detach the panel.
Sock style front diffusion panel is integrated to large models for quick set up and tear down.

This 190cm Parabolic Softbox from Selens is a logical extension of their softbox range. The 16-Rib softbox is ideal for portraiture since its form factor renders pleasing circular catchlights in subject’s eyes, while the selens 16-rib deep parabolic softbox’s large surface area wraps the soft light around the subject.

Optimal results can be achieved using any combination of the unit’s removable front and inner diffusers as well as optional deflectors that reduce hotspots. The selens 190cm deep parabolic softbox requires separate purchase of a heavy duty bracket for use. The selens bracket enables precise and easy positioning for all Bowens heads. Profoto, Bowens, and  another brackets are also available.Please contact us if you need to custom different bracket mount.

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Product Features

16 Rods
The 16 anodized rods are heat-resistant, enabling work with high-temperature light sources and creating ideal catchlights for portraiture, The rods are made of flexible aluminum to follow the parabolic shape of the Litemotiv. The color coding of the bracket and rods enable trouble-free assembly. These studio softboxes feature convenience features such as a removable rear cover that makes them simple to setup and disassemble.

Support Bracket
Designed to support the selens 16-rib deep parabolic softbox, this separately purchased bracket takes all of the stress off the attached flash head in use while providing easy positioning of it. Most of brackets are available.

Double Diffusion
The double diffusion panels have been specially designed to produce very soft light. The inner diffuser also incorporates a central circular panel to avoid hotspots, thus offering the most homogenous light possible. It is possible to remove both diffusers to obtain a very crisp and contrasty light, similar to a beauty dish but much larger.

All Metal

High quality construction.There are 16 rods steel wire brackets.They are strong toughness and high strength.Enough to support the umbrella.They make it work for a long time without deformation.The Bowens mount is also made of metal, there are 16 slots mounts in it.It also applies to 4 or 8 rods softbox.

– More beatiful and uniform light than octagon umbrella.
– Easy to assemble.
– Through the zippered bottom, zipper closes tight to stand so no light is lost
– Designed for digital and film cameras.


Usage Studio
Rime Fabric + Metal
Black & Silver


Packing & Delivery

1 x Soft cloth.

1 x Umbrella fabric.
1 x Bowens Speedring mount.
1 x Carrying Bag.
16 x Umbrella bones.

Additional information

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90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 190cm


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