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AL-01 Portable Mini Magnetic LED Light

$65.99 $35.80

Built-in 15 LED single-color lasting beads, producing super bright lighting with 5500K color temperature, brightness stepless dimming from 0-100%, High CRI for accurate color rendering.

Built-in 2000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery, charge quickly via the USB cable(included). After full charged, can be used as normal light last for about 4 hours.

The AL-01 LED light panel we selled are made of excellent quality aluminum alloy showing simple elegant appearance, stick to any metal surface with the built-in magnet, can be multi LED light splicing, free combination.

This 3.46×0.55×2.36 inch led light has 120° led brightness angle and 0.3 lbs weight, you can put into your pocket easily take it to anywhere for outdoor shooting.

Comes with 1x Magnetically Shoe Mount with 1/4-inch standard screw thread tip, magnet locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use; Comes with 3x color filter gel to soften the harsh light; Comes with 1x magnetic sheet, even if it is an absolute magnetic environment, it can be used

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         Portable Pocket Size                                              Magnetic 

It ia very thin and only 0.3lbs weight              Built-in magne, can be multi LED light splicing,

so that you can put into your pocket               free combination, stick to any metal surface;

easily take it to anywhere for outdoor            Comes with Magnetically Shoe Mount with 1/4-inch

shooting.The LED lights can be filled in        standard screw thread tip, magnet locking

a wide range, suitable for multiple                 capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting

equipment when in use.



         Magnetic Sheet                                              3 Color Filter Gel

Comes with magnetic sheet,                           Using 3 different colors color film, offer 3

even if it is an absolute magnetic                  different color temperatures,create different

environment, it can be used.                          light colors effects and soften the harsh light.



Dimensions: 3.46 x0.55 x 2.36 inches

Weight: 140g / 0.3lbs

Material: Aluminum, Alloy and Magnet

Color temperature: 5500K

Color Rendering: Ra>95, TLCL>95

Built-in Lithiu

m Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

LED Bulbs Quantity: 15

Maximum Power: 15W

Illuminance: 3100LUX/0.3M 1090LUX/0.5M 395LUX/1M

lnput Voltage and Current: 5V/2A

Magnetically Shoe Mount Thread: 1/4 in

Package Included

1 x AL-01 Magnetic LED Light

1 x 5500K Filter

1 x Magnetically Shoe Mount Stand

1x Magnetic sheet

1x USB cable

3 x Color Filter Gel

1 x Portable Bag



Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 5 cm

2 reviews for AL-01 Portable Mini Magnetic LED Light

  1. imhereforcactusmerch

    This light I have only had for maybe a week and I already feel the need to review it. Where do I even begin? first off, there was a coupon right off the bat that took some money off.. which was really cool. I received this light rather quickly and realized it was already charged upon receiving. Absolutely splendid! Battery seems to last a while from the time I used it. The fact that it comes with a charger instead of a place for batteries is honestly a step up from other LED lights for cameras. After playing around with it I'm IN LOVE. The fact that it is magnetized and can be removed from the hotshoe is so cool and will be so helpful in many situations, just use your imagination and you'll soon see so many reasons why that is such a great addition. The light is honestly very good, extremely bright but can be dimmed a little (even then it is going to be pretty bright). You can attach to camera for videos/ bright lighting subjects, and you can attach to tripod or magnetized surface for side/ back/ above lighting/ etc. The hot-shoe is very solid metal and greatly built, seems durable. The diffuser for the light is very cool, it magnetizes right to the front and you can put the gels under it for easy attachment. The only annoying thing is the light makes a humming sound but its not that loud and doesn't really bother me much. The gels are an amazing addition as I wanted them anyway and the fact that they came with it was very convenient. The gels come with really cool colors, the deep purple is absolutely stunning. One thing I'll say is they should have more gels included more gel colors for a bigger variety but the fact that they didn't means its a smaller more easy to carry pouch of gels, so I don't see it as a downside. It comes with a pouch that fits the light, charger, and gel kit all in an easily carried set. Selens is a great company for gels and I'm glad I got to try a tech product of theirs this time and not just gels, no complaints so far. Overall this is a great purchase and I will order more in the future.

  2. Shih-Chieh

    I am a cinematographer. I used AL-01 in my previous shot. The magnetic function is great. It’s easy for me to hide the small light without use light stand and power cable. The only issue is that the on and off button is really easy to turn on. A slightly press can just turn on the light and because it’s in the bag, you won’t notice this happened until you take it out. The overview is a great light, I wish it will have bigger version in the future.

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