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Selens Magnetic Background Support Rod Photography Studio Fixed Bracket For Chameleon Chromakey Disc Background Panel Portraits Studio Equipment.


Selens Magnetic Background Support is a relatively small, lightweight, durable, cost effective solution for supporting a collapsible background using a single light stand featuring a 5/8″ stud.


–For those interested in capturing professional-looking studio portraits inside the studio and out, benefits of collapsible backgrounds include low cost, the convenience of a relatively quick setup and considerable durability (especially compared to paper backgrounds).

However, positioning/holding a collapsible background has historically been problematic for photographers. Typical solutions to the collapsible background positioning problem included leaning the background against a wall or (more commonly) hanging it from a rod suspended between two light stands.

–Thankfully, there’s an alternative solution which fits perfectly in between the two main background support solutions described above as far as simplicity of setup and gear required for use is concerned.

–With the Selens Magnetic Support placed on top of the 5/8″ stud typically found on light (or background) stands and the tensional knob tightened, the support is ready for your background. Simply raise the background so that its edge comes into contact with the magnets; you’ll hear a reassuring “snap” as contact is made. From a folded light stand and disassembled components, your background can be set up in less 30 seconds or less.

–If you find yourself preferring a vertically oriented background as opposed to a horizontal one, there’s an easy fix. Simply tag on the background rim to release the magnets’ hold, rotate the background and snap it back in to place.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 10 cm


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