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Selens Eyelighter 60x180cm curved reflector U shaped reflector for studio

$113.00 $99.00

The Selens Curved Reflector is versatile in the field and in the studio, providing shadow-lightening detail in your subject, using available, or studio lighting. It starts out as a translucent white disc — perfect for softening direct sun, or lights without diffusion. Use the removable, reversible zippered slipcover to reflect light into shadow areas of your subject. Your choice of color — silver, gold, white, gold/silver mix — will be determined by the lighting conditions, and your personal preference.
Bounce flash photography is not limited to indoor locations. Various lightweight portable reflectors are available for use outdoors. These attach to the Speedlite, or to a bracket, and provide soft, diffuse illumination in any location. These portable reflectors can also be used in large rooms where the ceiling and walls are too far away to be effective, or are painted with strong hues that would add a colour cast to the image.
This Reflector is suitable for head-shots, and small still-life setups. It folds down to 1/3 its open size, and comes with a storage sleeve. We suggest the purchase of a pivoting arm and stand, to hold the disc where needed — especially if you are working without an assistant.


Curved Reflector

U-shaped designed, more excellent in focusing light
Multi-angle catch light, easy shooting without assistant

Double-sided & four-color reflective cloth
Suitable for various photographic situations

Golden corrugated reflective cloth
Silver reflective cloth
Black dimming cloth
White soft light cloth

Product Features

1.Multi-coating protection
2.Reflector is no longer consumables!
3.Protective coating
4.Reflective coating
5.Bottom color coating
6.Corrugated cloth base
7.Waved fabric can optimize diffuse reflection, make light refraction more uniform, so as to avoid producing lighting spot.

Simple Installation

1. First, connect the bracket rod No. 2 and No. 3 together.
2. Cover the reflective cloth on.
3. Sleeve No. 1 bracket rod with reflective cloth on both sides and then tighten knob.
4. Install the bracket behind the reflector
5. Tightening the knob, finished.

Design of Velcro Installation
Fastly install and replace the reflective cloth

90 Degree Free Regulation
Random adjustment of reflective angle up and down


Brand Selens
SKU 834754
Model Curved Reflector
Material Reflective fiber
Open Size 59.06″ (150cm)
Collapsed Size 27.17″ (69 cm)


Additional information

Weight 2.65 kg
Dimensions 70 × 26 × 22 cm


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