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Selens Brand Ambassador Project

2018-8-24 Update – We finished first Group of Our brand  Ambassador seclection.


And next selection group will be end in 2019-1-1.
You can apply this project,but we will release new member after 2019-1-1.


Before 2019-1-1 we release new members to join us,All people who apply this project we will auto add you as a “power user”,and we will email the members for review product Unscheduled.And you can apply if you have interest with that product!


As we’ve grown over the years you, and the rest of our fans, have supported us through thick and thin.This Project is build to our fans who would like to share there experience or insightful opinions regarding to Selens products.We hope that so doing will enhance our online visibility and equip customers like you with the information they need to make purchasing decisions.



The ones meet at least one of the following requirements will be given priority:

1,Own personal Youtube/Facebook/Twitter or other social network, and love to actively post about your own photo,EDC and gear.(Valid links to your review posts on photography websites, social media, YouTube, blogs, deal/tech websites etc. must be provided for evaluation.)

2,Have the spirit of sharing and helping, and be willing to share your experience or insightful opinions regarding to Selens products on above sites or platforms.



What are the responsibilities of Selens Brand Ambassador Project members?

– Selens Brand Ambassador Project members are expected to test and provide constructive feedback and insightful reviews within one month of receiving the products. (Delayed feedback may impact eligibility to apply for future products)


What benefit of Selens Brand Ambassador Project members?


–1,Get newest Selens Product with free shipping(need apply),If you are not interested in reviewing any of the current products
available, please wait for the next update.

–2,Active members can join our Affiliate project and get exclusive coupon for their fans.

–3,Help active members build their name in many place like China.We will post the photo,video,reviews and mark reference in our Website and Society Media.

–4,Coming soon.



How can I become a Selens Brand Ambassador Project members, and how to get free products for review?



Selens maintains full rights to judge and determine an applicant’s acceptance into Selens Brand Ambassador Project.

Selens reserves the right to collect photos and posts from Selens Brand Ambassador Project members, and reposts these items on our website,online store,and society media.


Contact us if you have any suggest about this project